Winter maintenance



Winter maintenance involves the timely removal and control of accumulated snow through plowing, shovelling and de-icing services. The weather is monitored 24 hours a day for any signs of snow or icy conditions and steps are taken as needed to help reduce client liability.

Our team will create a snow map for each site which will indicate which areas of the site are to be cleared i.e. roadway, walkways, stairwells, fire routes. etc. This snow map will also indicate where the snow piling areas are for each specific site. So when it snows each of our team members knows and there are no issues (i.e. snow map below). Snow Poles are installed before first snow fall to indicate where curb lines are located. We also provide Salt boxes which have salt or ice melter for every site in case of emergency. We have over 75 pieces of equipment in our fleet i.e. snow plow trucks, tractors, Bobcats, Kubotas, loaders, dump trucks, salt trucks. Each piece of equipment is equipped with a GPS tracking device which allows our dispatcher to know where each piece of equipment is at that specific time. The system also allows us to know when our team arrived, how long they were on site, when they left and much, much more. This information is kept on file for up to 3 years just in case a issue ever arose and our clients needed detailed service info.

Over the past couple of years there have been many salt shortages. Tolias has a reserve of over 2000 tons on hand at their yard which provides their clients assurance that they will not be without salt in a salt shortage situation. We also provide a courtesy email before each snow event so our clients know how much snow is coming, what time the said storm is going to arrive, what our game plan is to battle the storm, etc. The end result is a safe environment for traffic, pedestrians, constant communication before, during and after snow events, third party reports on when service was provided going back as far as 3 years, and assurance that Tolias clients will not ever be without salt. We are fully equipped to handle the most severe conditions.

Our service area includes Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Hamilton, New Market, Oakville and Burlington.

Click image below to see sample snow map.
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